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Bright Star Caterers has been an experienced team from 5-star Hotels and is popular for serving various and Authentic Awadhi foods with various specialties. Our slogan is to carefully serve Unique Presentations & Creations of Cuisines and offer our customers quality food in the best time possible.

We will work and plan our activities according to international standards and practices with full services catering experience. Our team's extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of Fresh & New Menu. Our support team is well-oriented and keeps Innovative & introduces a new menu to fulfill customer needs.

Our goal

Our goal is to be our supplier, the best food service. We want our food quality and our unparalleled services to be remembered.

The Bright Star provides many services like Silver serves, Three-finger service, Indoor catering, Outdoor catering, Buffet Catering, Corporate Catering, Wedding Catering, Cocktail Receptions, and Social Events, etc. Our Experienced & Qualified Team is efficient and knows the dedication to high-quality services.


Bright Star Specialized in vegetarian and Non-veg Foods and Bright Star is a certified cuisine with ISO / FSSAI certificates. Personally, the Head Chef monitors very closely the daily activity of the cuisine. None of the exquisite dishes made without his personal touch and ticket of approval leaves in the kitchen. Each menu item is carefully designed and used by trustworthy suppliers only for fresh produce and quality ingredients. Furthermore, there is a touch of originality and great taste of the food supplied in different locations.

Bright Star Caterers is young and one of Lucknow's fastest rising providers of catering services. Destination wedding, Event Planner, Buffet Designing, Food presentation, and event planner professionally run catering service. We had already secured hundreds of catering since 2013.

Culinary Experience

Our cuisine includes Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, live snacks, and continental dishes. We are best popular among the business companies, and the public sector and are also open for weddings, birthdays, cocktails, kitty parties, etc. We also specialize in delivering personalized food on a case-by-case basis, as well as outdoor catering services. At fair prices, our customers will also benefit from packed lunches and dinners.

Delivering Love

We are well known for exceeding expectations without exceeding the budget of our customers with the determination to offer our clients the highest level of service and quality food on time!

Relax and enjoy our Website. Contact us and we'll do it for you if anything you won't see!

Your Special Day Food is on Us

Enjoy & Delight Your Visitors :)

Royal Plate Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

Wedding catering

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

For all your important occasions, we are always at your service. The two most essential ingredients we use in the organization and preparation of all our foods are fun and love, which is often reflected. It is our dignified clients and their guests' pleasing faces that make every effort meaningful.

Wedding caterers are in charge of ensuring your functional hits, from banquets to buffets, from intimate supper to outdoor feasting. After all, one of the key attractions of any celebration is the food served at weddings. Lucknow is a paradise for the food fan; after all, the popular butter chicken was invented. Restaurants are of the highest quality and continue to lift the bar here. Keep in mind, if you're organizing your wedding parties, we represent the biggest names in the capital's catering business.

Corporate Catering

Bright Star catering services are tailored to suit every customer's specific food needs, business culture, and business needs. We work with you closely to build restaurant programs that not only provide high-quality food products to your staff but also offer you cost-conservative dining options that you would be proud of.

Every day we provide food to thousands of staff. We are famous for our food and our unsurpassable facilities with the largest kitchen in Lucknow. Our chefs are deeply committed and enthusiastic about healthy food and are always working on each company's particular food needs.

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

All Indore & Outdoor Catering

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

Do you schedule a family meeting, an Indian wedding, a family function, an enterprise picnic, an entertainment party, or a sports event? All – from the tents and meal arrangements to the backdrop, floral displays, and food – needs a good outside service to handle everything, regardless of the case.

The Bright Star will quickly transform every outside event into what you want to be. The best outdoor and indoor catering is available. An experienced catering company ensures that the guests are delighted by the arrangements, from intimate family gatherings to large-scale company promotional activities.

Silver Service

The waiters put the silver dishes down on the center of the table and simultaneously serve a bowl and spoke from each silver plate and dish. The guest is served first to the right of the host and the host last.

Any platter should be kept low and near the guest's plate and not block its sitting or eyeliner. Waiters need to be fast and courteous. The service should be choreographed carefully to make all guests feel smooth and enjoyable, and enough waiters should be present to attend to each side of the table to be served together.

Informal, formal, butler, French, American, and Russian are various types of silver service. You should have a clear understanding of all silver services if you want to work on a yacht.

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

Thematic catering

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

It's no secret that food isn't just for our buds, but for our eyes as well. There's nothing beats remembering your visitors! You can select our 15 thematic arrangements for your buffet table, according to the topic of your event – baby full month, birthday, weddings, 21st birthdays, or even your unique theme party, now with our themed setup services.

No bland or badly planned buffet food has to be. Instead, with one of our buffet menu themes, you can make the next business event memorable and delicious with Bright Star Caterers.

Authentic Lakhnawi Food caterers

Bright Star caterers have the most skilled team of chefs who possess the grace that God has granted them to prepare the finest, most delicious, and appealing food products that satisfy the individual through the look and taste.

They offer many typical Indian cuisines, rice, roti, raita, and salad. These dishes are made from our expert chefs' famous Indian vegetables and cheese. In our vegetarian products, you will experience the most exotic taste. Besides the dishes, the main feature of the Lakhnawi is products made from rice.

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template
Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

Vegetarian & Non-Veg Caterings

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

The true love for a foodie is born to eat. Many foodstuffs all over the world want to taste delicious food every day. You are looking for the best Vegetarian and non-veg caterer in Lucknow for your party or event and should go to Bright Star Catering Service.

Bright Star Catering is one of Lucknow best non-veg caterers for marriages, wedding ceremonies, business parties, birthdays, etc., events and functions. Lucknow non-veg catering services led by the popular chef and committed team of Bright Star. Bright Star team is made up of expert staff educated for the convenience and the preparation of your special events.